Here is our Roadmap:



We just want to quickly thank all of our members for sticking with us through all these hard times with Eurobit. We hope the new launch wont be as rocky as the last one, and so far it looks good!


  • Ivan Petrov

The start of a new adventure: Eurobit.

Welcome, to Eurobit.

Welcome all cryptocurrency enthusiasts! This is the start of a new adventure, a whole new currency. One that strives to be a tool for everyone to use, whether it be the average user wanting to store their funds in an anonymous, stable digital currency, or the trader who wants to hold their profits securely. Either way, Eurobit is here to serve you.

We also want to work alongside cryptocurrency regulations (as long as they aren’t blatant cryptocurrency bans and the like.) because financial institutions over givernments could easily shutdown any crypto they want, which is a large threat to small cryptocurrencies as well. It’s one of the main reasons why Bitcoin is encountering difficulties getting accepted as payment in many places. This is why we created Eurobit, a cryptocurrency that not only thrives to be stable, for the average consumer, but to also work alongside governments and financial institutions while maintaining our core values of stability, anonymity, and decentralization.

We will soon have our software out and open source on Github, first with the simplewallet/daemon, and soon after we will release a basic GUI wallet that we will most likely be remaking into a fancier looking one. We will also soon release our roadmap soon after the release of the core software.

We can’t wait to begin this project, and we’re glad to have you all here with us on this journey. Welcome to Eurobit everyone!

– Ivan Petrov