What is Eurobit?

Eurobit is a new cryptocurrency based off the Cryptonote Protocol designed to be the digital replacement of Euro, with it’s fast transaction times of only 2 minutes, and total anonymity, Eurobit is versatile to be used in both small scale transactions and large scale transactions. With fee’s lower than a cent and transaction times faster than it takes to take a sip of your tea. Eurobit is a clear competitor to other coins such as Bitcoin.

What makes Eurobit special?

Eurobit strives to be different than other cryptocurrencies, by addressing problems that most other cryptocurrency implementations have, and improving on them. We also working towards a long term goal of making Eurobit stable, rather than a goal of going to the moon. We believe that a stable coin is much better than a coin mooning and crashing every ten minutes, as it lets merchants have peace of mind that their profits won’t be destroyed overnight, and traders wont have their profits squashed by a pump and dump. It also let’s Eurobit become a store of value that can be used reliably, rather than a game of hoping that the market wishes you well today.

Why choose Cryptonote?

We chose Cryptonote to base our coin off of, because of its wonderful features of low fees, fast transaction times , and the Cryptonote Protocol, which allows no single transaction to be traceable. We thought that this was important to have in a stable currency, as the age of the Internet advances, privacy is becoming more and more a thing of the past. But, a stable currency, which is also anonymous is a great addition to the many tools out there that will make you anonymous on the world wide web. If you would like to read the full technical whitepaper of Cryptonote, you can read it here.

How can I join and use Eurobit?

Right now, the coin is in launch stage, we have wallets for both Linux and Windows, and will soon be releasing a mining pool as well, along with other code and services. Currently we aren’t accepted on any exchanges but we are working towards being listed very soon.

Eurobit, the future of a stable, digital, anonymous currency, just as stable as the Euro.

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Roadmap for Q1 and Q2 of 2018


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Exchanges will be added as soon as coin is released

Mining Pools:

Official mining pool:

Community mining pools:


If you are a merchant and you accept Eurobit, please contact us through the contact page on the site and we will list your store/service on our site.